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Not “soccer crests”, although they are all soccer crests, these club badge designs from member SOCA are an impressive selection.

The ultra-simple Southampton design dispenses with the clutter of the current version, and dare we say it might suit the new Hummel kit should the Danish brand deliver a stripped-back first offering. The Olympique de Marseille example, however, adds the same modern flavour to the tumultuous club’s current version, but with a more involved, multicolour effect.

Uploaded to the website late last year, this is a prediction of what the 2021 Corinthians Home shirt will look like.

Aptly monikered site member Corinth has taken leaked information they have stumbled upon to provide an idea of the form the Brazilian giants’ new Nike primary shirt will take. In a style not too far removed from that which Arsenal occasionally sport when required to change - but with less suggestion of gore - and the current Manchester City Home, the design embellishes the famous white shirt with a pattern resembling broken up flooring or rendering.

DF member KitKong has been treating visitors to some great designs in recent days. This adidas Manchester United Third shirt is no exception.

Where to start? Well, it’s green and gold! Controversial - the perhaps mythological Newton Heath palette hasn’t been deployed since 1992-93’s celebrated Third, and is beloved by the hierarchy-antipathetic LUHG group - but it’s certainly striking.