Kit Design Tutorial for BeginnersHere

In Template FC’s latest Photoshop and Photopea tutorial episode, Noah explains how to use textures to add depth to designs.

We’re pushing god-level realism now, with concepts going beyond even what many actual manufacturers would have on their digital drawing board. Noah is providing a comprehensive look at what is possible, allowing budding (concept) designers to cherry pick what will work for fantasy creations.

In Episode 3 of Noah from Template FC’s Photoshop and Photopea tutorial, he takes the introductory ideas for patterning from the last episode and runs with them.

Showing us how we can modify and adapt what we’ve created to produce something entirely original, we learn we can go well beyond recolouring existing templates and elements.

Continuing the series of instructional videos applicable to Photoshop and/or Photopea, Noah from Template FC helpfully shows us, in Episode 2, how to add pattern designs to football kits.

Again showing the methodology of the process, and explaining how to obtain the resources required - including iconic patterning that will be familiar to most football kit fans - the video explores the possibilities in detail.

To the benefit of members of present and future, DF partnered with Template FC to provide a series of free tutorials to assist the creation of concept/fantasy football kits.

Covering options and tools available in Adobe Photoshop and the similar Photopea, this first episode covers the integration of different layers in terms of colouring, making them visible/invisible and adding/editing details, as well as providing an initial template to work on - with an aim of creating a finished product which suggests a photorealistic shirt.

Egyptian Premier League giants Zamalek Sporting Club provide the subject matter for the 250th edition of DF's famed "Crest Redesign Competition Weekly" (CRCW).

It may be a bit of a mouthful but this particular challenge has provided some incredible quality in its plentiful legs. Like with many of the greatest things on the site, members have managed this category themselves and kept things in order.

Presumably based on leaked information, DF member "fayed" has uploaded a prediction of the look of the 2022-23 season Nike FC Barcelona Home shirt.

The upcoming design, which is being speculated on despite next season's still being unconfirmed, features the "blau" (blue) part of the famous Blaugrana name divided into royal blue and navy stripes, with a third stripe in the famous grenadine. This tri-stripe look recalls shirts worn by the French national team roughly a century ago, Bolton Wanderers both in their early years and a couple of decades ago, and perhaps even evokes Barça's own Gamper Trophy shirt from 2009.