Kit Design Tutorial for BeginnersHere

You may have noticed some changes to the site in recent days, all designed to make visiting a site an improved experience for members and guests alike.

In the case of members, we’ve now updated the profile page so designers registered with the site are showcasing their portfolio of uploaded designs.

Lionel Messi has gone. He’s Paris Saint-Germain’s new number 30 and FC Barcelona are bereft. The “Culés” need cheering up.

The current crest-slash-jester-based kit might not do it, so how about imagining a return for iconic supplier - with Catalan roots - Meyba?

One of this website’s most popular sections is the “CRCW” (“Crest Redesign Competition Weekly”) category hosted by narco.

Allowing members to flex their design muscle on a team identity every week, by way of a club or national team badge overhaul, really demonstrates the talent the site, by way of its community, fosters.

This installment of the Template FC kit design tutorial for Football Shirt Culture and involves finishing touches and subtle adjustments.

Noah firstly takes us through colour correction and lighting techniques, and while he admits these are amongst the most advanced procedures he covers, they are hugely valuable in ensuring the finished mockup looks lifelike and professional.

You may have noticed that user uploads now have the option for DF members to appraise others’ designs.

The new system allows people who are logged into the site to rate each attribute of what they are seeing - Styling, Details, Colours and Originality - between 1 and 4, with higher scores denoting a positive take.