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Member elfisho is celebrating another site victory as they’ve come out on top in the 268th Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

The winning design for the University College Dublin stage nicely bypasses the tautology of the existing example’s initials (“University College Dublin Dublin”?) whilst retaining the piggybacking of marketability of the capital city the club calls home - à la Paris Saint-Germain.

As Haiti designs are being published at full tilt, with huge potential for piggybacking of Arsenal iconography, Dynamic has been crowned the winner of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly’s most recent vote.

The polls stay open for the University College Dublin round, but Asociacion Deportiva Tauro Fútbol Club’s moment in the limelight is done and dusted and the Panama City side have done pretty well out of it.

We’re in the midst of the Lincoln Red Imps voting, the winner of the Napoli Kit of the Week has been decided - look out for that - and the Torquay United designs are pouring in, but last week came the announcement that TRIDENTE had won the Canada KOTW challenge.

It was hardly a bolt from the blue - the slick Umbro-branded creation had already been featured on our sister site Football Shirt Culture - but there were some other fabulous entries so it’s no mean feat to come out on top.

Another “CRCW” stage has ended - UCD, you’re welcome - as has the voting for the Tauro FC chapter, but last week we learned who had won the previous installment, which involved the creation of a new club badge for Algerian side Jeunesse Sportive de Kabylie.

Jackeen came out on top with a very modern, well, logo, and it’s a design that proved very popular in the voting, even with what we’d assume to be tough opposition, based on the contents of the gallery.