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We’re in the midst of the Lincoln Red Imps voting, the winner of the Napoli Kit of the Week has been decided - look out for that - and the Torquay United designs are pouring in, but last week came the announcement that TRIDENTE had won the Canada KOTW challenge.

It was hardly a bolt from the blue - the slick Umbro-branded creation had already been featured on our sister site Football Shirt Culture - but there were some other fabulous entries so it’s no mean feat to come out on top.

O Canada, what you’d do to have a kit that stylish... In fairness, the current Nike Home isn’t to be sniffed at, but the stylings on TRIDENTE’s concept masterpiece will have a Canuck or two dreaming, slightly misguidedly, for a return to England’s double diamond’d manufacturer.

Canada Football National Team X Umbro | Home kit | KOTW

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