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The Crusaders stage and voting on the River Plate chapter are about to close but pierrelapa was a few days ago announced as providing the best German national team crest.

The Crest Redesign Competition Weekly is an eclectic rolling challenge which occasionally, as in this case, takes on a mammoth task. The DFB is one of the most iconic associations on the planet and the branding its representative side carries is instantly recognisable.

As it transpired, many entries actually looked to the past, while serial CRCW victor Aegon paid dues to the current badge with a tweaky effort and Jackeen went ultra-modern and nearly won the vote.

But it was pierrlapa’s understated entry which came out on top, featuring no script whatsoever but, like many other uploads, rightly restoring the German tricolour colours to the segmented area of the framing circle.

Germany Football Team

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