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As Haiti designs are being published at full tilt, with huge potential for piggybacking of Arsenal iconography, Dynamic has been crowned the winner of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly’s most recent vote.

The polls stay open for the University College Dublin round, but Asociacion Deportiva Tauro Fútbol Club’s moment in the limelight is done and dusted and the Panama City side have done pretty well out of it.

The winning design isn’t a great departure from the real thing, though it does, without explanation, turn the “Fútbol Club” suffix into a prefix, while still giving the “Tauro” a bullish prominence.

With several winners of DF competitions bringing their A game, Dynamic’s victory is impressive, and it shows that sometimes a little tweak here and there can be all it takes. The real world should perhaps take note.

Tauro FC - Redesign

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