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There’s something about the Nigerian national team that really brings out the creativity in mockups and concept designs, so having Nigeria as a choice for the member-controlled Kit of the Week (KOTW) competition really is a blessing.

Honestly, there are several entries we could have featured, but this Home and Away from pineftbl certainly delivers in a similar way to recent Nike releases.

The patterning of the Home, whilst naturally steeped in influence from Nigerian - or “Naija” - traditional art and fabrics, also seems to put a twist on the famous Hummel “Mexico” design which was immortalised by the “Danish Dynamite” Denmark side at the 1986 World Cup.

The Away is perhaps even more interesting. Again, the African culture in the patterning, but the contrast against the white base arguably makes a bolder statement. The Super Eagles contemporarily dress to impress, and these fantasy designs prove the ideas exist to keep that trend strong for years to come.


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