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We have a brand new category on DF, and a brand new rolling challenge for members.

No prize, no winners, no voting - to begin with, anyway - the New Deal Kit Challenge category is a chance to show, with some speed, what the kits of a new club or association and manufacturer partnership could, or indeed should look like.

Whilst the content will have a lot in common with the popular 2021-22 Kit Predictions category, this challenge is slightly more structured as it will focus on one partnership for an allotted amount of time before moving on to the next. First up is Southampton’s reconciliation with Hummel after thirty years apart - news which has been met with not insubstantial joy.

This challenge will run until a new kit deal is announced in the gallery.

We do hope this new category, and its inaugural subject deal, captures the imagination. All that’s left to say is - yep - happy designing!

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