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In recent years, Internazionale and Nike have played around with the famous Nerazzurri stripes - presumably in an attempt to justify a new Home shirt release each season - and this prediction of the 2021-22 release indicates that that campaign won’t see an exception.

Provided by “Corinth” - a longtime DF member - and based on a leaked hoodie design, the suggestion of famous Milan city symbol il Biscione - grass snake, essentially - in the serpentine texture is an extreme approach, even considering the snakeskin-styled shirts of the past. The black seeping into the blue and the tertiary gold of the Nike Swoosh logo, the Inter crest and iconic Pirelli sponsorship logo makes for a striking overall look, with a segmented v-neck and blue cuffs the only notable flourishes of shirt structure.

The shirt would, should it come it pass, be worn with black shorts and socks most likely, and it has even been put into some level of production by counterfeiters jumping the gun. I guess we should watch this space...


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