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Our AS Roma X New Balance New Kit Deal Challenge is coming along nicely, with a wardrobe provided by member Warrigal exemplifying the high standard of entries.

The Home provides amber embellishment to the deep red base via not only the neat neck and the twist on a familiar NB cuff detail, but also some asymmetric panelling to the shoulder area. The naughties revival regarding excessive trim is in full swing, but this quasi-patchwork effect is more palatable than some recent submissions to that cause.

While not entirely eschewing the bells and whistles trend, the Away has a perhaps more timeless quality. The white design includes a vertical double stripe feature - that rarely fails to add a touch of class to a design - and while the mismatching shoulders are probably a quirk too far on a generally symmetrical composition, the overall look is one of measured style.

Aside from the trunk’s texture patterning, symmetry is the order of the day with the black Third, and the injections of trim - no half doses here - bring to mind this season’s Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool Nike Third kits. Not to everyone’s taste, but certainly in-keeping with the trend of the time.

All in all, an impressive trio of shirts which Giallorossi fans would likely accept with open arms. We look forward to more entries of this caliber before the challenge is out.




if i may ask, what's the criteria of choosing a specific designer to promote with an article in the site ? i mean, is there a random choice among all designs or a voting of the site's moderators or something else ?
Design Football

Design Football

There is not really a criteria, our aim is to share designs we like from many different DF members. We hope to increase the number of articles like this to a few a week and feature newly uploaded designs as well as designs uploaded in the past.

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