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The results are in and democracy has spoken. We now know what the best Premier League Home kit of the 1992-93 season is.

And, in what will be a shock for some, it’s not Umbro’s Manchester United release. In fact, the lace-up collared effort doesn’t even make the podium.

No, in third place is Liverpool’s adidas centenary kit, in second is the Aston Villa retro design - a silver medal for Umbro’s lace-up collar after all - and the winner is Arsenal’s somewhat era-bridging adidas masterpiece.

So no glory for Norwich’s avian defecation, Nottingham Forest’s oft-lauded pinstripes, and Tottenham Hotspur’s once anomalous “long” shorts. Just the four votes for Oldham Athletic’s strip too - we dread to think how that would have fared had it carried the current crest.

The Gunners take the spoils, with the victory engineered by The Brand with the 3 Stripes and an assist from JVC. Without John Devlin’s gorgeous illustration, however, none of this would have been possible, so we hope to have another True Colours-fuelled kitvote to bring you soon.

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