Here we are again with another podcast. We did a look back at 2016 with John Devlin, so have a listen to that if you get a chance, and this is a look forward to, well, now, with Kitbliss and The Football Attic's Chris Oakley.

In our 2017 preview - which was recorded in 2016, in case you hadn't realised - Chris and I discussed our little corner of the world that concerns itself with blogging, podcasting, illustrating and fantasising, and we revealed that we've come up with a little something called the League of Blogacta.

Read all about it here, and listen (and watch, a bit) all about it below. And follow Chris on Twitter, and Kitbliss on Twitter, and The Football Attic on Twitter, and Acast (the podcast hosting people) on Twitter, and Like Kitbliss on Facebook, and The Football Attic on Facebook, and Acast on Facebook.

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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