This Christmas, the three wise men are coming early.

For quite a while, the idea of having a podcast has been thrown around, with other commitments stopping the project getting underway, and with the fantastic, and now sadly discontinued, Football Attic picking up the slack with some wonderful kit-centric offerings of their own. Finally, with TFA returning to us that void, we're making it happen.

Three recently recorded podcasts published in three days - let's pretend it's still Wednesday - starting with the utterly brilliant guest appearance of True Colours' John Devlin chatting to, well, me, today, and two more esteemed invitees to follow, should begin a regular audio (with elements of visual) take on the world of football design. Have a listen, and be sure to get in touch with us with your feedback and ideas on what should be discussed - and who with - in the future.

In due course we'll let you know how you can subscribe, as with the help of the utterly brilliant Acast - be sure to download their app - we'll try to get our podcast as close to "essential listening" as we possibly can.

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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