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Thousands of people have gathered to see the official unveiling of a statue of football manager Brian Clough in Nottingham.

The statue, designed by sculptor Les Johnson, stands at the junction of King and Queen streets and was chosen out of 4 submitted designs which you can find here. 

The statue is the result of a fund-raising campaign by a small group of volunteers from the Brian Clough Statue Fund. They raised £70,000 in just 18 months. The chairman of the fund, Paul Ellis, described Les’s sculpture as ‘superb.’

“I have been to see the clay version of the statue and I was extremely impressed,” said Paul. “The likeness is perfect - it sent a tingle down my spine when I saw it - it’s incredible. I’m delighted that Mrs Clough and Elizabeth thought it was perfect too. The approval of Brian Clough’s family has been vital every step of the way and I am sure we will have a statue that everyone can be proud of.”

Viv Anderson, who played under Clough in the Forest team of the late 1970s and early 1980s, said: "It's a great honour for him. He was very different. I have been lucky enough to play for a lot of great managers but he was unique. He was a great person to play for"

A limited edition of 1,000 replicas of the statue will be on sale to coincide with the eagerly-awaited event in the award-winning Old Market Square. The replicas, which will be six inches tall and on a slate plinth, will be on sale for GBP 100. Each and every one will have a numbered certificate.

"The sculptor, Les Johnson, is entitled to a 10% royalty fee on all proceeds and all profits from sales are being donated to charity or charities selected by the Clough family.

Information on donations will be announced in the media early next year. "No remuneration is being taken by Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Forest FC, The Media Group or the Clough family."

Numbers 1 to 10 are reserved for Mrs Barbara Clough.

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