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Occasionally, something comes along that requires a little effort before it bears fruit.  The Wire, Radiohead's Kid A, life (so they tell me - I'm yet to see the point).  Add to that list DF's World Cup Knockout Competition.

This convoluted tournament is maze-like to negotiate retrospectively.  But it's worth it.  As a summary, a load of DF members pick international teams to drAW tHE KIt oF, are pitted against each other (in a knockout fashion, yes?), and then the winning designer, based on member votes, moves forward to the next round and new teams are selected.  Some quick maths tells us that 64 teams had the honour of a fantasy kit bestowed on them - please correct me if I'm wrong - and variety is the spice of, well, this thing.

The Norwegian FA - Norges Fotballforbund - unveiled a new offical logo and national team crest in late 2014.

Pictured here, the new logo follows the style of previous versions, with interlocking letters of the initialism in colours bringing to mind the red, white and blue of the national flag.  This is contained in a grey circle, broken up by the association's full name and matching the included year of formation, 1902.

If you think back to the last World Cup - remember? - you may have noted that the hosts. Brazil, took a bit of a beating in the semi-finals.  That's to put it lightly; they lost 7-1 to the - small consolation - eventual winners, Germany.

The last time the great Brazil suffered a humiliation of these proportions - defeat in the final of the previous World Cup that they had hosted, to Uruguay in 1950 - they changed their kit.  Out with the white shirts, in with the yellow.

Not many people on Planet Earth need us to tell them that Man Utd's kit in 2015-16 (onwards) will by made by adidas.  The news of the Red Devils' return to the famous three stripes has been well-publicised.

DF members have been designing adidas United kits since the site was established over six years ago, so a competition to get a response in early was bound to be popular.  When the official versions are released there will be a backlash - sheer numbers of interested parties dictate this - and perhaps a DF member could have come up with something a little more popular.  All eyes on Twitter when the time comes.

The official UEFA EURO 2016 mascot was unveiled at the Stade VĂ©lodrome in Marseille. Half child, half superhero, the mascot is a curious, witty character who will encourage fans from all over the world to celebrate the 'art of football'.

The UEFA EURO 2016 mascot will be called Super Victor after supporters voted for it as their favourite ahead of Driblou and Goalix.

GTA, or Grand Theft Auto, as I, a metaphorical granddad, would have it, is undeniably a staple of modern culture.  Accordingly, it surely deserves some football teams and - this is where we come in - some football kits.

Of course, with GTA largely set in the USA, the kits - and crests - delivered by this comp are really for soccer teams, so forgive me for that oversight.  What I mean by that is, don't smash into my car with "yours", drag me out and make off in my vehicle, don't beat me up with a baseball bat, or shoot me in the face with any of your firearms, and certainly don't - seriously? - rape me.

The Brasil 2014 World Cup was great - few people, no matter how worthy their politics, can deny it - but one area where it perhaps - perhaps - fell down was in the quality of the kits.  Particularly the Away kits, which are generally the opportunity for designers to unleash the extravagances of their extravert, yet generally closeted, psyches, largely underwhelmed rather than offended.

Here's where we come in.  As a symbol of the tournament's satorial shortcomings, the holders - Spain - had to call upon an emergency white change outfit for their disasterous first match.  Even that was nothing to write home about, and a browse through our galleries will show what can be done when the Furia Roja wear blanco!  So, before the tournament began, we had a little comp running to give the sides some imaginative options.

Continuing our roundup of this year's just-for-fun competitions, something we're a little obsessed with on DF is the concept of teams wearing change strips in the colours of their rivals - so here's a comp covering exactly that.

The entries were - surprisingly - a little thin on the ground here.  I have no idea why that was, as the premise certainly allows for plenty of cerebral muscle flexing, but the best things often come in small packages, and that argument can be applied here.

Earlier this year, DF was honoured by something of a celebrity of the kit design world.  Jason Lee, professional sportswear designer, once of adidas, now of hummel, invited the members to design kits for St. Pauli - the cult German football club, as I'm sure anyone reading this is aware - each with the aim to impress him enough that he would declare them a winner.

So far, so DF.  But there was a twist: hummel had just landed the St. Pauli kit contract, and guess who had designed the 2014-15 strips.  Yep, Jason himself.

The first major milestone en route to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia was passed on Tuesday evening when the tournament’s Official Emblem was unveiled in Moscow.

When the eagerly-awaited moment of unveiling arrived it was done in spectacular style. Three astronauts at the Russian space station revealed the hotly-anticipated new World Cup Emblem from their space capsule and subsequently the visual icon for the 2018 World Cup in Russia was brought into the television studio to rapturous applause.

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