It’s been three years since I wrote one of these - three years - which is both lazy and stupid, as they are certainly the most popular thing I do. It’s time, hundreds of thousands of people would seemingly agree, that I wrote another.
So here it is, a look back at what happened in the football design world in 2015, and perhaps further back, with a little comparison with my predictions for - ahem - 2013, where applicable. And, then, thoughts turning to what might occur in the year about to be upon us. Here goes…

Much, much later than we originally planned to publish, owing to technical issues on this very website, this is the special Christmas edition of The Podcast. The final installment of our trinity of deliveries - or final wise man, to use another religious reference - features the expertise - on kit clashes, Herbert Chapman, and more - of one Denis Hurley.

Manchester City revealed their new badge to fans prior to the Boxing Day game against Sunderland AFC.

The badge, which has been described as a ‘modern original’, follows a 30-day consultation period and a series of lectures on the badges’ history by Manchester Football Expert Gary James, during which thousands of Cityzens fed back to the club as to whether, and if so how, they wanted the badge to evolve. 

D.C. United have unveiled a new logo for the second time in club history, replacing the redesigned crest that was unveiled after the 1997 season.  

United conducted thorough market research two years ago on the current state of the brand. The research pointed to the need for modernization to reflect the growth of the sport and the league in the United States.

QPR supporters can now have their say on the club's next club crest.

Following feedback from an initial survey and various meetings with the Supporters Consultation Committee, they've narrowed down the vote to four options based on these findings.

A little later than first advertised - you may have noticed we've been having a few technical issues on the site - we bring you the second of our Christmas "wise men". This one's Martin Le Roy. Or "frankincense" (we checked with Mary Hatch-Bailey for the spelling).

A DF member (MartinLeRoy), Martin has experienced that transition from amateur (fantasy) to part-time IRL kit designer. The podcast will elaborate, but suffice to say He Got His Kits Made.

This Christmas, the three wise men are coming early.

For quite a while, the idea of having a podcast has been thrown around, with other commitments stopping the project getting underway, and with the fantastic, and now sadly discontinued, Football Attic picking up the slack with some wonderful kit-centric offerings of their own. Finally, with TFA returning to us that void, we're making it happen.

And by that we mean, very last minute gift guide. Yeah, you're gonna need to go out to the shops yourself - urgh! How uncouth! - or pay top dollar for the superfast delivery service (they charge a lot, right?), and in some cases this'll be entirely impossible, unless you do presents at New Year or Epiphany or some such.

Anyway, here are some ideas of what you can get your loved ones, or maybe still instruct your loved ones to buy you - don't delay!

Over the past few weeks, Manchester City has been conducting a consultation with all of its Cityzens members to establish whether the Club badge should evolve, and if so, how.

The consultation period has closed with thousands of Cityzens members having given their views via the online Cityzens’ questionnaire and the dedicated consultation space at the Etihad Stadium.  Hundreds of fans also attended a series of free lectures on the history of the badge, provided by Football Historian Gary James with many others giving their opinions via City voice.

We sincerely, genuinely, hope you're enjoying the Rugby World Cup. Now at the semi-final stage, the 2015 version gives off the impression, perversely, that it's been going on since time began, when, in fact, it's only been a few decades years months weeks.

Regardless of our sport watching preferences, we should appreciate rugby while it's still around, as, if medical science has any grounding of integrity, it won't be legal for much longer. Why should we appreciate it? The kits of course!