Thursday 20th November 2008 is a date which will become a milestone in Juventus history. By means of a presentation held at the Gianni Agnelli Auditorium at the Lingotto, the club launched the project for the new stadium which is to be constructed instead of the Delle Alpi and which shall become the new home of the bianconeri as from the 2011/2012 season.

The stadium will be entirely dedicated to football to allow the best conditions possible prior to the matches. Spectacle will be a main attraction thanks to the great visibility from all 40,200 places and top-notch safety and security. The building will be open seven days a week thanks to a commercial area.

The new stadium is born thanks to the work of a great team. Architects Hernando Suarez (Studio Shesa) and Gino Zavanella (Studio Gau) designed the stadium; engineers Francesco Ossola and Massimo Majowiecki were responsible for the structural planning, operations planning and directing the structural works.


The UEFA unveiled the new adidas TERRAPASS match ball – featuring a design inspired by the northern lights.

The new TERRAPASS match ball will be used during the UEFA European Women's Championship 2009 in Finland and which be the first UEFA European Women's Championship to boast its own match ball.

The new ball took pride of place at the WOMEN'S EURO draw at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. The shining light blue and purple colouring and futuristic pattern which give the adidas TERRAPASS its distinct look have echoes of the aurora borealis, the natural light displays which dazzle so many tourists in the Nordic nations.

adidas hope the design honours host nation Finland, which is renowned for combining creativity with tradition as well as innovative product design.


Ok, so England actually won the game 2-1 and that, if anything, flattered the Germans.  But, whatever the British media will have you believe, the game really didn't matter that much.  It was a friendly between two teams whose players on the night have both bigger fish to fry in club football and more important international battles on the horizon.  Most of these players are too young to remember the 1990 World Cup (one of the only benefits of being old: I do) let alone 1970, 1966 or its melodically referenced companions the "two world wars" so it was an experimental exercise with little edge.

Ok, so if we wanna talk football, it was pretty good from an English point of view (which I occasionally have).  England attacked well, showed good movement off the ball and the likes of Shaun Wright-Phillips actually taking players on (successfully!) is a joy to behold.  Even the frankly odious John Terry did the decent thing and admitted he was the culpable party for the German goal and Gabi Agbonlahor made an impressive and loooong overdue debut (I've been demanding this for years.  Thanks for listening, Fabio).  Enjoy it while it lasts, England fans.  Really, Wednesday night you should have played the lottery, rung up Noel Gallagher to see if he needs another touring guitarist and asked out Keeley Hazell.  Things seemed to be going in your favour.

But the bigger victories went to the Germans.  Yep, I'm talking football design (humour me).  1-0 with the kit and with the stadium, a cracker, they made it 2.


Luxury Swiss watch giant Ebel announced a sponsorship deal with Rangers that will see the launch of a £7,000 club watch.

The company has become the team's official timekeeping partner in the agreement, which is worth a six-figure sum.

Around 150 limited edition Rangers watches will be produced and a digital Ebel clock has been installed at Ibrox Stadium.

Chief executive Bain said: “Ebel has strong brand values around quality, tradition and professionalism. When we started discussing the partnership it was clear these are as important as football success. In today’s times, global brand owners are researching partners much more and it is pleasing that Rangers have become partners with Ebel as we pride ourselves on quality and tradition.

“Arsenal, Ajax and Bayern Munich are three of Europe’s biggest clubs so it is pleasing that Ebel looked across Europe and felt comfortable that Rangers sat equally alongside such icons.

“Sponsorship is increasingly about creating a partnership and with Ebel it’s not just about cash. They have also funded some of the media enhancements which improve the football experience and have donated watches for club charitable events.

“They also took a sophisticated approach to targeting and acknowledged it was better to install a quality display case at Ibrox and Murray Park than go for a broad brush approach due to the nature of the product.

“By doing this, Ebel has immediately imbedded itself in the Rangers environment and moved beyond simple badging to creating opportunities that fans will appreciate and respect. We are seeing similar approaches being adopted by other global brand owners that we are in discussions with.


The Mirror recently unveiled that David Beckham will wear the number 75 shirt at Milan.  If this is true then it's no great surprise (though I actually called 45 to continue the Michael Jordan theme) as Beckham's favoured numbers 7 and 23 are taken by Pato and Ambrosini respectively and DB7/23/75 was born in 1975.  In fact, and here's a surprise, it's a marketing masterstroke.

Players have been using more imaginative or high numbers for several years now.  Two great examples were Ivan Zamorano's inventive use of a plus sign to, in his own mind, continue wearing number 9 upon Ronaldo's arrival at Inter and Bixente Lizarazu's apparently erotic numbering on rejoining Bayern Munich.  The latter turned out to be an early example of the year of birth method and that's the current fashion at Milan (Google "Milan Fashion" and this'll no doubt prove me right).  

Shevchenko, Ronaldinho and Flamini have all recently been brought in and all wear their year of birth on their backs.  As a result, lots of fans also wear their (Shevchenko, Ronaldinho and Flamini's) year of birth so Beckham fits perfectly into this. Throw in the ever-secretive Sporting ID's club-specific fonts and numbering style and you have a late entry on a million Christmas lists.  Threefold.

The difference between the potential for shirt sales "on the back" of this deal compared with that of other deals is that this is temporary.  When a player moves the temptation may be to wait to see how the move works out.  No one wants a DIOUF 9 Liverpool shirt (I lie.  I had one on sale on jfh29er and it went.  Eventually) or a Balaban 19 Villa one but, while Beckham's not really expected to set the San Siro alight, crucially, he'd also have to go some to really blot his copybook in two months.  Beckham, his team, Milan and his bootmaker/sponsor adidas (it's not just convenient that it's Milan and not Inter or Juve) have engineered this move because people can buy into a piece of history.  You can complete your set with a Beckham 75 Milan shirt and, guess what, it never goes out of date because there'll only ever be one style that Beckham wore.




In the same way as your football team's shirts can each hold connotations of a period of your life, happiness or sadness, success or - dare we say it - failure, so can the history of matchballs. Since Mexico 1970 and the advent of the first World Cup televised in colour, adidas have always been the top dogs in creating spherical masterpieces. 12 black pentagons and 20 white hexagons screams Pelé and Brazil and every four years since there has been another released to whet the appetite for the forthcoming showpiece. 


The German Company VIPseating is a Sportstyle Manufacturer who has designed these stylish football seats for companies such as Coca-Cola and Heineken and clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal. The ball seats are made from supple genuine leather with a swivelling polished aluminum base.

The cozy-looking seats are available in many ball styles including a striking black and white ball, an oldschool Wembley ball, a lime green tennis ball, a neutral coloured basketball and an ultra sleek white golf ball.


By Jay

This week, English Premier League team West Ham United are due to announce that they will soon be wearing a new sponsor on their shirts. 

The sponsor, SBOBET, is a gambling company currently under investigation following match-fixing allegations. So pretty far removed from the Bobby Moore Fund, which West Ham's fans campaigned to be featured on the shirts.

From an aesthetic point of view, let's be honest about this, it's gonna be boring. Yet another soulless graphic advertising an organisation that (despite the disproportionately high amount of unethically opportunistic bookies in Newham) means precisely nothing to the supporters, plastered on shirts on the pitch and in the stands. The Bobby Moore Fund logo is not only what the fans wanted but is also a worthy cause and just looks better.


The Official Emblem of the FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009 was unveiled during a ceremony held in Cairo.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter was unable to attend, but sent the following message: "The FIFA U-20 World Cup is a major event in which we have seen over the past 30 years the rise of great football stars, such as Maradona, Ronaldinho and Messi. I am certain that new talents will emerge once again in Egypt in 2009."

The Official Emblem represents a harmonious fusion of Egypt's glorious ancient civilization with today's modern culture. The shape of the sphinx represents the millenary essence of Egypt, while the golden colour symbolises the sun, the desert sand and the golden kingdom of the Nile. The use of red, black and white embodies the colours of the Egyptian national flag.


Thousands of people have gathered to see the official unveiling of a statue of football manager Brian Clough in Nottingham.

The statue, designed by sculptor Les Johnson, stands at the junction of King and Queen streets and was chosen out of 4 submitted designs which you can find here. 

The statue is the result of a fund-raising campaign by a small group of volunteers from the Brian Clough Statue Fund. They raised £70,000 in just 18 months. The chairman of the fund, Paul Ellis, described Les’s sculpture as ‘superb.’

“I have been to see the clay version of the statue and I was extremely impressed,” said Paul. “The likeness is perfect - it sent a tingle down my spine when I saw it - it’s incredible. I’m delighted that Mrs Clough and Elizabeth thought it was perfect too. The approval of Brian Clough’s family has been vital every step of the way and I am sure we will have a statue that everyone can be proud of.”

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