Crests! We'd waited too long before chatting about crests (crests!), so I got Martin Le Roy (science teacher, football kit designer, DF member and crest hobbyist) on to do exactly that.

This has been available on Acast for a while, but now the notes have been added, and it's a far better experience with visual accompaniment we hope you'll agree. Have a listenwatch and let us know your thoughts!

Twelve years have passed since Sepp Blatter uttered the immortal words "Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts." His comments were, back then, met with ridicule and anger, but did he have a point?

Everyone knows Blatter was/is a bit of a clown, and very much a law unto himself. Yes, his starting point in coming to these words of advice would be one that many today would find abhorrent and, here's that word, sexist. For most, his opinions would be dismissed and the world would move on, through a trajectory of more intelligent debate.

Having chatted to fantasy kit designer cum amateur kit designer cum part-time kit designer Martin Le Roy in Episode 2, and full-on, pro kit designer Jason Lee in Episode 6, we thought we'd find the middle ground...

Handily, that middle ground is Irving Perez, who, as you may be aware, is a member who uploads handdrawn designs as irvingperceni. Or, at least, he did, until he was scouted by Romai Sports and ended up designing the current Jamaica kits!

Italia '90 was an incredible tournament, in both senses of the word. An African team - Cameroon - made the quarter-finals, inspired by a 38-year-old supersub striker; Ireland did too, without winning a single game; and England reached the semi-finals, eventually finishing fourth, after being inspired by a Mars bar-chomping Geordie unfazed by his crash landing on the world stage.

Incredible. But after any upheaval, life should return to normal. In a repeat of the 1986 final, the trophy match was played between West Germany and Argentina, after the latter were helped along with a handball from Diego Maradona. Incredible four years earlier, but no longer.

A popular genre in this website's galleries, Major League Soccer is perhaps not talked about enough in Europe (that's where I am, innit). US football, or soccer, has progressed to the point that the USMNT are one of the planet's top international sides, and the North American club game is improving nicely also. As, it has to be remarked, are the kits.

I discussed the evolution of MLS kits with Austin Long from the Soccer Nomad blog.

Rugby. Love it or hate it, since turning pro, those rugger buggers (probably not politically correct. We're not sure why, though) have demonstrated a knack of leading and following, following and leading, football, when it comes to design. So, well, podcast, no?

I chatted to sports journalist Denis Hurley (again) about the relationship and contradictions between rugby and football, and we annoyed each other, and we bickered. Check it out below.

So, hot on the heels of Podcast 5 - on football kit sponsorship, with John Devlin - we thought we'd approach the next installment a little differently, with a public service bent.

Jason Lee has been a friend of the site for many years, helping out with a hugely popular FC St Pauli competition, and many reading this will be aware that he has a distinguished pedigree, having worked as an apparel (read "kit") designer with both adidas and hummel (now freelance). We simply had to get him on.

2015 was a fantastic year for just-for-fun competitions, with several of the early ones already documented on this blog. Here, in addition, is a roundup of many of the others which got members excited last year, both in the context of kit designs and crest reboots. Some have winners listed and some petered out or were affected by technical issues experienced by the site and consequently were never closed off. Regardless of lack of closure, if you will, the content is remarkable.

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