As you may have seen, Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona defender and fierce Catalan separatist (apparently), has decided to retire from international football (after the next World Cup - it’s de rigueur) over some trim, or lack thereof, on his Spain shirt.
Rot! It’s rot, I tell you! But let’s wind this back a touch...

Remember how Joey, in Friends that one time, found himself in an apartment he recognised, and concluded that he’d slept with every girl in New York and was now on his second lap? Well, I want to avoid that.
I don’t live in New York, and sex is yuck.
I jest, of course. I mean I don’t want to go over old ground. You haven’t read them, but there’s little about football design I haven’t written an article about. Please, go check.

Here's another you may have heard, but now you'll find it with the all-enhancing notes.

Austin Long came back on the podcast to talk to me about this season's Manchester United kits by adidas. It was a few weeks ago now, from before the season started, but you should find it's still worth a listen, as we discuss the past, present and, pertinently, the future of Man Utd kit design.

Another day, another podcast gets published. This one was recorded during Euro 2016 though doesn't touch on that all that much. In fact, I'm not sure why I've mentioned it. No, this podcast is about football shirt collecting. Which Rich Johnson, who I chatted to, does a scary amount of.

This could be considered a cautionary tale - we specialise in those - as Rich discusses the various emotional and financial pressures of an expensive habit. Indeed, we at implore anyone thinking of taking up this pursuit to tread carefully and buy responsibly.

So, here's another podcast. I'm back (me. Jay) and I get to chat with big-time and long-time football kit industry insider Colin Forde. I say "get to", but I really got to, as this was recorded ages ago, and well before Euro 2016 started.

And that's pertinent, as listen out for Colin inadvertently predicting a rarity that we witnessed during that tournament - that's along with divulging a lot of info about what goes on behind the scenes in the football kit production and distribution worlds.

You may have heard this - it's been on Acast and iTunes for a while - and it was recorded quite a while ago, but be assured it's worth your time (maybe even a re-listen). Chris Oakley of The Football Attic (including kit podcast), Kitbliss and lots of other wondrous internet things chats to John Devlin of True Colours - books and website - fame, and they chat about football kits and the like in the 1970s no less.

A good friend of mine recently informed me of a presumably unpaid role he’s eyeing up, advising an oft-erring European domestic competition on what their participants should be wearing in each match to avoid kit clashes. Said friend is in possession of an intellect superior to most, is highly efficient, and demonstrates a laudable professional integrity. He’d be ideal.

I, however, would not. Sure, I share both his frustration towards the abundance of kit clashes in the modern game, and I concur, for the most part, with his logical methodology on how to rectify them. But I’m also a stirring little sh*t.

I love talking to experts. In Episodes 12 and 13 I chatted to John Devlin, and on 14 I got to speak to Simon "Shakey" Shakeshaft. In fact, I always speak to experts, which makes the podcasts fun for me and, hopefully, to listen to too.

Shakey's been a football physio both in real life and on screen - yep, him offuv Dream Team - as well as fulfilling kitman duties, so he knows his stuff. He knows even more stuff through being a matchworn shirt collector for a quarter of a century, and co-authoring The Arsenal Shirt.

So. Nike released some England kits. You may have noticed. You may, also, have heard John Devlin and I discuss them on not one but two podcasts. That's not all we discussed, of course. Well, we didn't discuss much else on Episode 12 (below), but Episode 13 covered John's True Colours books, the passing of Johan Cruyff and, yes, the England kits again.

Here's Episode 12 then. You may have listened to it already, but this has the all-important notes for further reading and, occasionally, salivating.

In the wake of the recent centenary commemorations of the 1916 Easter Ring, and, er, St Patrick's Day, it's about time we published, with notes, our St Patrick's Day Irish Special podcast.

As ever, it was wonderful to talk to Denis Hurley, even if there were a few technical difficulties - you know the score: persevere - and it was enlightening to say the least.

September 04, 2017

The Dual of the Style

For one who cares so much for baselayers, to have not written about this particular subject before is quite the oversight. Sorry, to be clear, I've certainly written about baselayers - like here - but this article acts as a 15th anniversary celebration of a…

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