Nike opened its first football-only store in Brasil. Located in the legendary neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana, the opening celebrates Nike's rich heritage with Brasilian football and coincides with the global spotlight on this summer's tournament.
Located on Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Avenue, the new store is a three-story retail experience offering the latest football gear including match-day uniforms, performance products, equipment, and the complete look of football, including sportswear. 


Join the National Football Museum and Manchester Print Fair to discover beautiful design inspired by the beautiful game.
This special event will feature work for sale from creative designers from across the city and beyond: a celebration of creativity in football and a chance to buy some brilliant artworks!
PLUS, there's a chance to have your creativity showcased and sold at the National Football Museum: the Design Derby poster competition is open to all!


We had our very own New York City FC Competition last year, but with twelve months to go before kicking off their inaugural season in March 2015, New York City FC have unveiled their official team badge.
The badge, created by renowned designer Rafael Esquer, was selected by an online, public vote in which fans chose between two potential crests.  Over 100,000 votes were cast and now the chosen design will inform (and adorn) the franchise's merchandising.


David Beckham and his Major League Soccer ownership group revealed its designs for a new PortMiami stadium.
David Beckham held a news conference on Monday to release renderings of the proposed open-air stadium, which features views of the downtown skyline and a new public plaza on Biscayne Bay.
The design features a curvy canopy that would protect spectators from the elements with a center than opens to the sky.  The grandstands are steep, giving fans a sweeping view of the field and putting them right on top of the action.

There is an idea which occasionally surfaces in the music world that whilst the possibilities in songwriting are supposedly endless, limitless and infinite, the great melodies and chord progressions have been used at some point already, and any hit - particularly of guitar-driven genres - will borrow from a predecessor.

This isn't necessarily to suggest plagiarism, certainly not always intentional borrowing from previous songs, but perhaps the melody which comes to a composer in a dream is not constructed in the unconscious mind, rather the emergence of a distant memory unfamiliar to the owner.

Based around the principles of the classic Tarot de Marseille, as illustrated by Joseph Fautrier, this special set combines the worlds of football and clairvoyant reading.  "Futarot" allows the user - faithfully or playfully - to attempt to foresee the future, of their favourite team or player.
Do the coming weeks, months or years promise the riches of onfield glory or, darkly, injury, loss of form and defeat?

Ah, it's horrid.  We all know it's horrid, from the board, to the designers, to the manufacturers, to the fans, to the innocent bystanders.  As much as the club will claim a "Marmite factor", with as many people loving it as hating it, all good sense tells us it's a catastrophe.  But, y'know, we've seen it.

For anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, earlier this year, the amateur football club Windsor FC launched a new kit, to replace their earlier-released kit this season, and it features Union Flag (Union Jack) stylings, in the colours of the Italian Tricolore flag.

Ever innovative, this website recently hosted a competition with a twist.  Rather than the standard format of entries being uploaded to a category before a closing date and then winners being chosen by the member responsible, this time the comp was a head-to-head knockout tournament, whittling 16 entrants down to one winner by the end and each tie being decided by member vote.

The Asian Champions League theoretical roster provided this new challenge, with teams being picked by members on a first come, first served basis, and renewed in each round.  This resulted in a spectacular array of kits, many of which assigned to teams many would be far from familiar with.

Round by round, let's see how it went down... has history with the Copa Libertadores.  Last year, DF member matupeco won a competition run by Kappa and Argentine side Tigre to have his fantasy design turned into the club's actual shirt for their tournament debut.  They bowed out in the Round of 16 to eventual runners up Olimpia, but their strip was seen by millions.  matupeco's strip.

And so a Copa Libertadores competition made sense, and recently came to pass.  matupeco featured again - of course he did - but with 11 winners, one for each country involved, the honours were bound to be shared.