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DesignFootball.com has history with the Copa Libertadores.  Last year, DF member matupeco won a competition run by Kappa and Argentine side Tigre to have his fantasy design turned into the club's actual shirt for their tournament debut.  They bowed out in the Round of 16 to eventual runners up Olimpia, but their strip was seen by millions.  matupeco's strip.

And so a Copa Libertadores competition made sense, and recently came to pass.  matupeco featured again - of course he did - but with 11 winners, one for each country involved, the honours were bound to be shared.

new logo unveil

The San Jose Earthquakes will have a different look about them when they step on the field in 2014.
Completing a rebranding two years in the making, the Quakes unveiled their redesigned crest and two new jerseys by projecting their images onto the side of a 12-story building.
On Thursday evening, the team unveiled its new logo and jerseys for the 2014 team season as part of the club's 40th anniversary celebrations.

the first details have been revealed of what the new Camp Nou would look like

On Monday, the first details have been revealed of what the new Camp Nou would look like. The board has presented a proposal that, according to the studies that have been conducted, will enable a new stadium to be built over the current structure, ultimately creating the same kind of stadium that would have resulted out of starting from zero. The Camp Nou would remain in Les Corts, but would look very different both on the inside and outside.


Nike Pro Combat Recovery HypertightResearch has shown that recovery for athletes is as important as training and preparation and that the recovery process has a major impact on athletic performance. The human body’s ability to bounce back from the many rigors sport throws its way is a fascinating science.


Now Nike is introducing its first product specifically designed to assist the recovery process, the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight. The tight was developed based on insight from athletes, scientists, physiologists and coaches, and from data from the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL).

Interview with Nike Creative Director Martin Lotti

Footy-boots hook up with Nike Creative Director Martin Lotti to see what features will be helping Brasil perform on the pitch at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

At an event in London, Martin explained the technological advancements in the new Brasil Home Shirt, including considered design, the Nike Pro Combat Baselayer system and the graphic on the neck - a collaboration with Brasilian designer Bruno Big.

This was a quick little competition but a very interesting one to boot.  With the "warrior" Roy Keane as a catalyst in the thought process, what would a Warrior Sports Republic of Ireland football kit look like?

Well, should it ever come to pass, Warrior now have several different directions to proceed in, courtesy of the DF members.  The gallery can be viewed below or in more detail by clicking here, but several entries could have been victorious, with PORLANDESIGN and denishurley (Irish sports journalist, Denis Hurley, surely with vested interest) getting my personal nod.

Beautifully modelled and packaged in an evocative matte green box, this pair of Mid-Table Generals will guarantee any dinner-time is a game of two halves; unseasoned and seasoned. To dispense a tiki taki-ing dose of salt or pepper, simply hold the base and turn the player, Cruyff Turn stylee; it’s about the only time you won’t mind twisting an ankle.

DF is no stranger to a bit of controversy.  We've been known to search for it, encourage it and maybe even fabricate it, but it seems to be drawn to us like a moth to a flame.

On the surface, a competition to design a Brasil 2014 kit for Ghana seemed innocuous enough.  The most contentious issue, in retrospect, may well have been the question of whether or not Ghana needed the talents of the DF members at all, as many believe Puma have managed the job pretty well themselves - if the leaks are to be believed - but this comp had so much more in store.

As you may have noticed, the draw for the 2014 World Cup, to be hosted by Brazil, was held today.  Coinciding with the spectacular ceremony was the closure of a little competition on DF.

Whilst we're all looking forward to Brasil 2014, many of us bemoan the fact that some of the planet's greatest talent will miss the finals.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale - not to mention the latter's suddenly Zinedine Zidane-like compatriot, Aaron Ramsey - are notable absentees and a decent team, and surely squad, could be put together out of those that will holiday all through next summer.

germany white shorts

So it's about time this website had a comment on it, for posterity, and what better place than my blog to lay my own cards on the table.  I am, of course, talking about the controversy that is the new trend for one-colour kits, just in time to be worn by several, and it may even turn out to be all, participants in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Before I go any further, I should point out that the opinions expressed herein are those of the author - me - and do not necessarily reflect the views of DesignFootball.com as a website and a collective.