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You've listened to the podcast, right? Yeah, the last-of-2016-slash-first-of-2017 one. Where I chat to The Football Attic and Kitbliss's Chris Oakley about the League of Blogs and LOGacta? Let's go through it again...

DesignFootball.com, you will be very happy to learn, has acquired the rights (the right to use, primarily) to the League of Blogs, which was, at the very least, an elaborate blogroll over on The Football Attic, and also provided - handily - an opportunity for blog owners to demonstrate their artistic flair in the form of Subbuteo men wearing the imagined colours of their respective blogs. Seriously, could there ever be a better way to demonstrate one's artistic flair?

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for (right?), the 2016 review podcast. It's got John Devlin on it, semi-obvs, and John and I don't agree on everything! So listen out for the differences of opinions!

Yes, we cover the big kits, in a somewhat hyperspecific take on football design, and also appraise where kit design is as a consequence of what went on last year. Give it your time, if you have any, and decide whether or not the world has drastically changed since we recorded the podcast (just before Christmas). We're all getting our football shirts a size larger, for sure.

So that is that, and this is this. We'll leave it to other sites to bemoan the loss of celebrities last year, and express fear towards the upcoming Trump regime - suffice to say, DF was sorry to see them go, and is terrified about what's to come - and this royal we will focus on football design...

The temptation to simply type "2016: Nike Vapor; 2017: What Nike tells us comes next" was almost - almost - too strong to resist. Indeed, the words of blogging grandee Kevin Graham came truer in 2016 than ever before:

"...the famous [colours] or whatever Nike tell us to wear."

Another podcast for you here. If we're honest, it's another podcast you may have already heard. But now we've added the notes on Acast, so you can see all those gorgeous Hull City AFC and UC Sampdoria shirts that Les describes.

Oh yeah, did I mention, I was not all by myself. No, Les Motherby from the Amber Nectar site and podcast, and the Hull City Kits website, joined me to discuss his clubs' best and most iconic designs, and how that reflects on the (kit) world around them. Les is full of insider stories about the workings of professional football at Hull's level, and on the goings on in the kitroom, therefore, once again, an episode of The DesignFootball.com Podcast is Worth Your Time™.

Chin up, Arsenal fans. It may seem as though your team is falling short of its potential mid-season yet again, but here we have a podcast featuring one of your own - sports journalist and kit illustrator-cum-blogger Denis Hurley - and discussing your wondrous kit history, from the sleeve colour, to the sleeve length rule - as we enter an era of the baselayer being outwith said rule - to the introduction of the raglan sleeves. And it's not all sleeves! Much, much more. Including Denis's, and my, ideal Arsenal kits!

As you may have seen, Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona defender and fierce Catalan separatist (apparently), has decided to retire from international football (after the next World Cup - it’s de rigueur) over some trim, or lack thereof, on his Spain shirt.
Rot! It’s rot, I tell you! But let’s wind this back a touch...

Remember how Joey, in Friends that one time, found himself in an apartment he recognised, and concluded that he’d slept with every girl in New York and was now on his second lap? Well, I want to avoid that.
I don’t live in New York, and sex is yuck.
I jest, of course. I mean I don’t want to go over old ground. You haven’t read them, but there’s little about football design I haven’t written an article about. Please, go check.

Here's another you may have heard, but now you'll find it with the all-enhancing notes.

Austin Long came back on the podcast to talk to me about this season's Manchester United kits by adidas. It was a few weeks ago now, from before the season started, but you should find it's still worth a listen, as we discuss the past, present and, pertinently, the future of Man Utd kit design.

Another day, another podcast gets published. This one was recorded during Euro 2016 though doesn't touch on that all that much. In fact, I'm not sure why I've mentioned it. No, this podcast is about football shirt collecting. Which Rich Johnson, who I chatted to, does a scary amount of.

This could be considered a cautionary tale - we specialise in those - as Rich discusses the various emotional and financial pressures of an expensive habit. Indeed, we at DesignFootball.com implore anyone thinking of taking up this pursuit to tread carefully and buy responsibly.