Here's Episode 30 of The Podcast. Don't worry about Episode 27 - don't call it; it'll call you. No, Episode 30 is great, and features a DF member in the form of Angelo Trofa, or Amadeus Angelillo as he's known around these parts.

For those not familiar with Angelo, he's largely a fantasy designer, certainly in the world of football design, and his kits have been featured on websites and in publications far and wide, mostly off the back of his Football Strip Concepts magazines and, more recently, his huge following on Instagram. But that's not to say his designs haven't infiltrated the "real" world, and he's certainly an example of a designer whose seen at least one shirt got real.

With the World Cup about to start, I had a chat with Angelo about his magazines, which feature some fantastic, and influential-cum-prophetic, international kits. As always, we hope you enjoy, and make sure to check out Angelo on Twitter, as @angt34, and on Instagram - we're told this is where it's all happening. We also have to offer our thanks to Acast, who are on Facebook and Twitter too.                

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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