Episode 27 is currently missing (at point of publishing). Well spotted. It'll be here later, and we apologise for its current omission. But this is a great one featuring a chat with Shawn from the St. Pauli FC podcast Fell In Love With a Girl.

A left-wing supporter base for a cult football team with an interesting kit history - including the uncommon colour palette - St. Pauli is an incredibly interesting subject. Particularly as this podcast episode was recorded in the aftermath of the G20 conference in Hamburg - where St . Pauli are based.

Huge thanks to Shawn for his contribution. The Fell In Love With a Girl podcast can be found here, as well as on the Apple Podcast app and no doubt lots of other usual places. They're also on Twitter, here. As always, thanks to Acast, who are on Facebook and Twitter.                

Find the podcast episode here.

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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