So, what a year it's been. Yes, largely podcast-free. Or so you'd think. In fact, we've recorded some, but, due to a combination of work commitments, technical issues, and good old chronic procrastination, we haven't published them.

So here's one. This treat was recorded with highly-respected French football journalist Mohammed Ali way back in the Spring, just as the 2016-17 season was coming to an end, and covers the Olympique de Marseille 2017-18 kit releases, and the upcoming implications of the transfer over to Puma.

L'OM have since acquired a new shirt sponsor, making parts of this recording either slightly irrelevant, or, as I like to think, taking on a different significance. And the Puma shirts are being leaked in 10, 9, 8... (so that's serendipitous too). Plus, as a summing up of l'OM's history with adidas if nothing else, I reckon there's significant value herein.

I apologise for its late delivery, but I hope you do still enjoy listening. DF also sends its thanks, and apologies, to Mohammed, who I highly recommend following on Twitter. Go on, give the ever-patient Acast a follow and a Like too,


Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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