This is, officially, the first podcast of 2017. On crests, it was recorded a little while back - sadly, before the Juventus crest furore - and covers a selection of this season's most notable new additions to breasts. Yes, that's how I've chosen to phrase it.

Joining me was the very knowledgeable Martin Le Roy. He has opinions on crests - both real and fantasy - and his own creations start in the fantasy world but creep into professional football. You'll have to listen in for the details...

This podcast more than any other, we recommend making use of the player and show notes therein below. To see which crests we're talking about as we discuss them - which may involve clicking through to another site - will aid your enjoyment. Thanks as always to the wonderful Acast for having such a great system.

Acast are on Facebook and Twitter, and Martin is on the latter too. Like and follow, and enjoy...

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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