Chin up, Arsenal fans. It may seem as though your team is falling short of its potential mid-season yet again, but here we have a podcast featuring one of your own - sports journalist and kit illustrator-cum-blogger Denis Hurley - and discussing your wondrous kit history, from the sleeve colour, to the sleeve length rule - as we enter an era of the baselayer being outwith said rule - to the introduction of the raglan sleeves. And it's not all sleeves! Much, much more. Including Denis's, and my, ideal Arsenal kits!
It was recorded a while ago - so long ago, in fact, that I deemed it appropriate to wish Denis a happy St Totteringham's Day. So there's a memory to cheer you. As if all this wasn't enough, this episode also features my and Denis's predictions for the US Presidential Election outcome. With this, we're really spoiling you.
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So we hope you enjoy, and look out for more podcast episodes coming soon!


Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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