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Another day, another podcast gets published. This one was recorded during Euro 2016 though doesn't touch on that all that much. In fact, I'm not sure why I've mentioned it. No, this podcast is about football shirt collecting. Which Rich Johnson, who I chatted to, does a scary amount of.

This could be considered a cautionary tale - we specialise in those - as Rich discusses the various emotional and financial pressures of an expensive habit. Indeed, we at DesignFootball.com implore anyone thinking of taking up this pursuit to tread carefully and buy responsibly.

It's also fascinating and terribly geeky. Enjoy.


Also there to be enjoyed is the glorious return of The Football Attic's podcast, mentioned as a mere possibility on this episode of ours but now fully back in our lives and centring on kits. We're not bitter, so head over there for some top notch kit chat (I was actually on the last one myself).

Follow Rich on Twitter, follow The Football Attic on Facebook and Twitter, follow Acast on Facebook and Twitter and, yeah, if you have the means, buy Volume 2 of Rich's kit book.

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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