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  • FC Barcelona Third Concept

    chicobiko chicobiko 26.09.2018 10:02
    i think that this could also be a great home shirt if you modify it a little
  • FC Nantes

    chicobiko chicobiko 26.09.2018 09:55
    yet another negative point on my comments thank you whoever you are for being so interested in me
  • CRCW 126 | VOTING

    chicobiko chicobiko 25.09.2018 22:27
  • FC Nantes

    chicobiko chicobiko 25.09.2018 22:21
    the waves graphics look neat
  • Rapid Wien | Crest @ozandod

    ozand ozand 25.09.2018 20:32
  • KOTW64/KOTW66

    Silky Smooth Silky Smooth 25.09.2018 19:17
    Dammit man, you made me interested, I really didn't care until now, but, what did I do to you to make ...
  • CRCW 126 | VOTING

    MikeM MikeM 25.09.2018 19:14
  • Boca Jrs Away Kit

    aguspineiro aguspineiro 25.09.2018 19:10
    He didn't haha it's a mockup.